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Best Irish Whiskey Tour in Delray Beach

Finnegan’s Irish Whiskey Tour

Do you love Irish Whiskey? Tim Finnegan’s Irish Whiskey Tour is legendary in Delray Beach. Our whiskey selection is vast and we carry brands not commonly found in other Irish Pubs, making this the Best Irish Whiskey Tour Delray Beach has to offer.

Take our whiskey tour and try 20 select whiskeys from all over Ireland. From staples like Bushmills, Jameson and Tullamore Dew to the more rare selections, Middleton Very Rare and Jameson Ltd Reserve. Finish the tour and receive a crystal monogrammed whiskey glass.

Our vast Irish Whiskey selection got us on the short list of nominees for 2017 Irish Pubs Global Award for “Best Irish Whiskey Experience”. Come in and take Tim Finnegan’s Irish Whiskey Tour! Our friendly bartenders are happy to be your guide!

    • Whiskey Tour

    • 1. Bushmills


      White Bushmills is one of the best selling whiskeys in Ireland. Fruity with vanilla infusion.

    • 2. Bushmills Black


      Bushmills has a honey nut flavor, more complex and robust than the white Bushmills.

    • 3. Clontarf (Various Distilleries)


      Sweet and thin with hints of cereal and honey.

    • 4. Feckin’-Cooley


      whiskeyMade with whiskeys from Cooley, a light, approachable young whiskey.

    • 5. Kilebeggan-Kilbeggan


      Grainy with strong notes of honey and oatmeal, finishes off with hints of coffee and chocolate.

    • 6. Jameson- Middleton


      The largest selling Irish whiskey, malty with hints of citrus and sherry, the classic blend.

    • 7. Jameson 12 year old, Middleton


      Hints of leather and spice combined with dried fruits and milk chocolate, a world class whiskey.

    • 8. Jameson Gold Reserve- Middleton


      A viscous, oily, syrupy mouth coater with a long finish.

    • 9. Jameson Ltd Reserve – Middleton


      Aromatic oil, touch of wood,spice and toffee with a smooth lingering finish.

    • 10. Connemara Peated Single Malt Cooley Distillery


      Inspired by Ireland’s ancient distilling traditions, a smooth, sweet taste with a complex malt and peat flavor.

    • 11. Middleton Very Rare- Middleton


      Classic oak and bold cereal notes with beeswax accent. Full bodied with a silky walnut finish.

    • 12. Paddy Whiskey - Middleton


      Paddy whiskey named after Paddy Flaherty. First produced in 1779. Matured in oak casks for 7 years, a high malt content it is one of the softest of the Irish whiskey’s.

    • 13. Powers Gold Label – Middleton


      A malty pot still whiskey blended with just enough grain whiskey, an Irish classic.

    • 14. Tullamore Dew- Middleton


      Originally made in Tullamore it is now distilled at Middleton, light and un-complex, it has essences of oak and sherry.

    • 15. Michael Collins- Cooley


      A soft and drinkable whiskey with hints of a biscuit flavor, light smoke and vanilla.

    • 16. Red Breast 12 year old – Middleton


      A single unblended Pure Pot Still. Aged in Sherry Oak casks. Awarded Irish whiskey of the year in 2010 with a score of 96/100. Hints of cinnamon, peppermint, linseed, licorice and a sherry finish, one of the greatest ever Irish Whiskeys.

    • 17. Red Breast 15 year old- Middleton


      This is the oldest Pure Pot still Whiskey available for sale today. It is a mature, heavy, rich whiskey. Matured in sherry and Bourbon casks, it retains a hint of both, a creation unto itself.

    • 18. Bushmills 10 year old


      Bushmills, with hints of sherry wood, malt and fudgy chocolate, a very approachable single Irish malt.

    • 19. Knappogue Castle- Bushmills


      Based on the Bushmills malt this single malt exhibits flavors of honey and toasted nuts.

    • 20. Tyrconnell- Cooley


      This slightly peaty whiskey is reminiscent of jasmine, honeysuckle and malted milk cookies.

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