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Irish Whiskey Tour

irish whiskey tourComplete the Irish whiskey tour. Sample twenty of the finest Irish whiskeys and receive a personalized, engraved, crystal whiskey glass
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    • Whiskey Tour

    • 1. Bushmills


      White Bushmills is one of the best selling whiskeys in Ireland. Fruity with vanilla infusion.

    • 2. Bushmills Black


      Bushmills has a honey nut flavor, more complex and robust than the white Bushmills.

    • 3. Clontarf (Various Distilleries)


      Sweet and thin with hints of cereal and honey.

    • 4. Feckin’-Cooley


      whiskeyMade with whiskeys from Cooley, a light, approachable young whiskey.

    • 5. Kilebeggan-Kilbeggan


      Grainy with strong notes of honey and oatmeal, finishes off with hints of coffee and chocolate.

    • 6. Jameson- Middleton


      The largest selling Irish whiskey, malty with hints of citrus and sherry, the classic blend.

    • 7. Jameson 12 year old, Middleton


      Hints of leather and spice combined with dried fruits and milk chocolate, a world class whiskey.

    • 8. Jameson Gold Reserve- Middleton


      A viscous, oily, syrupy mouth coater with a long finish.

    • 9. Jameson Ltd Reserve – Middleton


      Aromatic oil, touch of wood,spice and toffee with a smooth lingering finish.

    • 10. Connemara Peated Single Malt Cooley Distillery


      Inspired by Ireland’s ancient distilling traditions, a smooth, sweet taste with a complex malt and peat flavor.

    • 11. Middleton Very Rare- Middleton


      Classic oak and bold cereal notes with beeswax accent. Full bodied with a silky walnut finish.

    • 12. Paddy Whiskey - Middleton


      Paddy whiskey named after Paddy Flaherty. First produced in 1779. Matured in oak casks for 7 years, a high malt content it is one of the softest of the Irish whiskey’s.

    • 13. Powers Gold Label – Middleton


      A malty pot still whiskey blended with just enough grain whiskey, an Irish classic.

    • 14. Tullamore Dew- Middleton


      Originally made in Tullamore it is now distilled at Middleton, light and un-complex, it has essences of oak and sherry.

    • 15. Michael Collins- Cooley


      A soft and drinkable whiskey with hints of a biscuit flavor, light smoke and vanilla.

    • 16. Red Breast 12 year old – Middleton


      A single unblended Pure Pot Still. Aged in Sherry Oak casks. Awarded Irish whiskey of the year in 2010 with a score of 96/100. Hints of cinnamon, peppermint, linseed, licorice and a sherry finish, one of the greatest ever Irish Whiskeys.

    • 17. Red Breast 15 year old- Middleton


      This is the oldest Pure Pot still Whiskey available for sale today. It is a mature, heavy, rich whiskey. Matured in sherry and Bourbon casks, it retains a hint of both, a creation unto itself.

    • 18. Bushmills 10 year old


      Bushmills, with hints of sherry wood, malt and fudgy chocolate, a very approachable single Irish malt.

    • 19. Knappogue Castle- Bushmills


      Based on the Bushmills malt this single malt exhibits flavors of honey and toasted nuts.

    • 20. Tyrconnell- Cooley


      This slightly peaty whiskey is reminiscent of jasmine, honeysuckle and malted milk cookies.

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